Hi, my name’s Ben and I’m a Designer currently based in Brisbane, Australia. I have a BFA majoring in Interactive and Visual Design from Queensland University of Technology.

My current work is heavily focused on tangible interaction and it’s use for community engagement where I employ rapid prototyping and user-centred design methods of research and development.

I often find myself pushing the boundary of my current knowledge, which I see as a good thing. If I’m learning something new it means that my abilities and strengths as a designer are growing, giving me more that I can bring to the table for future projects.

My current skill set includes:
– Interaction Design
– UX Design
– Rapid Prototyping
– Web Design
– Processing and Arduino Code
– Graphic Design
– Illustration
– Animation


If you like anything you’ve seen here please don’t hesitate to send me an Email or check out my Facebook and Linked In profiles.